The Pros and Cons of an Open Concept Kitchen Design

Open concept kitchens are all the rage these days, and have been for a decade or more. Watch any HGTV remodeling show, and just about every homeowner wants a big, open, spacious kitchen. It’s become a staple of the real estate market and a much sought-after feature for home buyers.

However, it’s important to note that while there are benefits of open concept kitchens in San Marcos, CA, the design style isn’t for every single family, or every type of home. Here are a few examples of some of the pros and cons associated with this design style for a kitchen remodel.


One of the largest benefits of open concept living spaces is the creation of new sightlines, which is particularly beneficial for families with small children. It can be very difficult as a parent to have to make dinner or clean in the kitchen while having to keep track of your children in another room. An open concept makes this much easier. It also allows for whoever is cooking dinner to still be in conversations with guests or family members in other spaces.

Open concept designs also help to make the space feel much larger. Removing a wall from a kitchen that feels small or cramped can make you feel less claustrophobic, and can bring much more natural light into the room in some cases. Taking down a wall can help you create a seamless blend between a kitchen and another living space.

If you have a formal living room that isn’t frequently used for anything other than entertaining, opening up the floor plan can help you get more use out of that room.


The biggest drawback is that if you have an open concept kitchen, you must be aware that your kitchen will constantly be on display. That means there’s more pressure to keep it clean and tidy, which is easier for some people than others.

When entertaining, an open concept environment will be much louder than if you had several smaller rooms to block off the kitchen noise.

The costs of remodeling may also go up significantly when you move to an open concept design. If you’re removing a load-bearing wall, you might need to add support beams, which can be extremely expensive. You might need to get additional reinforcement below the living space. And of course, there’s all the other standard costs of a remodel to consider, including moving plumbing or electrical features.

Depending on your family dynamics, an open concept may or may not work. If you have multiple generations in the same house, or a large gap in ages between children, you might find it is nice to have a little separation between rooms to give everyone more privacy.

For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of open concepts in remodeling in San Marcos, CA and whether or not it is feasible for you to create an open concept kitchen in your home, contact Bespoke Remodelling to speak with an experienced home remodeling contractor.

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