Showcase Lighting in Walk-in Closets

If you’re considering walk-in closet upgrades, be sure to include showcase lighting on your list. The right closet lighting in San Marcos, CA can transform this space. You might be surprised what you can do with a few simple lighting additions. Use the following tips to enhance your clothing nook from dreary space to walk-in showcase.

Light it up

Your walk-in closet might be the size of a bedroom, so you’re going to need more than a single light fixture in the middle of the space to properly illuminate the closet. To effectively showcase your wardrobe, consider track light fixtures. These will allow you to shine light in various directions to fully light every nook and cranny.

To supplement this overhead lighting, add under-counter lights to illuminate individual shelves. Often, these can be powered by batteries, so you will not need to plug them into an outlet or run wiring throughout the closet. They also typically use LED bulbs, so they do not generate a lot of heat, which is a bonus for your small space. Recessed options are often best, since you won’t bump into these as you put clothing away or reach for items.

How many lights do you need? A good rule of thumb is that each fixture should effectively brighten a 4’ x 6’ foot area of the closet. If you add more than one fixture, make sure the switch for the primary light is located conveniently near the door.

Organize it

Once you can see what you’re doing in there, make sure your walk-in closet is well organized. A true showcase closet incorporates specialized storage for various items. Shoe racks, baskets, drawers and other organizational tools are great walk-in closet upgrades in San Marcos, CA. These ensure your storage space has a spot for everything, so it looks neat and items are easy to find.

You might consider organizing your items by color, season, or use. For example, you could arrange all hanging clothes from light to dark colors, left to right. Or, you may want to keep frequently-used items at the front of the closet, while your formal wear that you only pull out once each year can be stored at the back.

For showcase-level organization, it also helps to remain consistent with hangers. Choose one style of hanger and use only that style in your closet. Hang everything so it faces the same direction. This additional touch will make your closet neat and inviting.

Create your showcase

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