Extending a Living Space for a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the ideal outdoor living space expansion in San Marcos, CA. This extension adds opportunities for relaxation and entertainment and can increase the resale value of the home. If you’re considering extending your living space, use the following tips for hot tub enclosure remodeling.

Choose the right decking material

The flooring you choose for your outdoor living space expansion in San Marcos, CA is key. The decking must be able to withstand the weight of the hot tub and the water exposure it will endure. Consult with a professional to determine which deck boards will be best for your setting.

Choose the right height

When you complete hot tub enclosure remodeling in San Marcos, CA, you have many options for the height of the hot tub. Some choose to create a sunken hot tub, where the top of the tub is flush with the floor of the deck. Others install the tub on a platform, with steps to access the hot tub. Still others create a raised hot tub with a deck surface surrounding the tub. A good rule of thumb is to leave no more than 20 inches between the floor of the deck and the top of the hot tub.

Choose the right spacing

Spacing is important for both deck boards and the placement of the hot tub itself. Your outdoor living space expansion in San Marcos, CA should allow for plenty of room around the hot tub to access it for maintenance. It should also be close enough to the home’s interior to be inviting. If you place it too far from the home, you will be less likely to use your expanded outdoor living space. Additionally, the deck boards should be spaced far enough apart to allow for drainage and wood expansion/contraction, but close enough to eliminate the risk of toe catches.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of your hot tub enclosure remodeling in San Marcos, CA. The right lighting can enhance this space and create an inviting atmosphere. String lights or lanterns are a great option for smaller budgets. If you can spend a bit more, moonlighting, pendants and landscape lighting add great touches. As you design your space, consult with a professional for ideas and insights to create the best lighting for your hot tub enclosure.

Choose the right accents

The options for the area surrounding your hot tub are nearly limitless. Consider your lifestyle and how you plan to use your hot tub. Would a nearby fire pit be a nice addition? What furniture should you place near the hot tub? Plants are often a nice touch, too. Your expert in outdoor living space expansion in San Marcos, CA can help you with ideas for this space.

Transform your living space

If you want to extend your living space with an inviting hot tub enclosure, contact the team at Bespoke Remodeling. We specialize in residential renovations that add sophisticated appeal to your surroundings. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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