Tips for Increasing Natural Light in Your Home

It’s almost impossible to overstate the benefits of natural light in your home. If you noticed a sense of calm overcome you when you’re basking in rays of natural light, you weren’t mistaken. Study after study has shown that natural light has an immense impact on your health. Natural light relieves stress and calms you down. It improves your mood and translates to increased productivity. Natural light also helps reduce the amount of artificial light you need and, therefore, lowers your energy bills.

If you’re looking to maximize natural light in your home in San Marcos, CA, here are some tips to help get the job done.

Install bigger windows and doors

It’s not much of a stretch to suggest that sunlight won’t be able to get indoors if there aren’t enough ways for it to get in. So, perhaps the most straightforward way to add more natural light to your home is to give sunlight more ways (and more space) to find its way indoors. That means making an investment in your home by enlarging its doors and windows.

Add a skylight

Rooms that are locked into your home by walls or rooms that require extra privacy (like a bathroom) could benefit from the addition of a skylight or solar tube. This home addition not only adds value to your property, but it can transform a drab secondary room into a beautifully-lit oasis.

Update the backsplash in your kitchen

There’s no bad space to use to maximize natural light in your home in San Marcos, CA. Take, for instance, the backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Some brightly-colored tile behind your sink or stovetop can act as a great reflective surface for light to bounce off of.


The colors throughout your home also have an impact on how much natural light has an effect. Consider repainting the walls of your home with colors that reflect light. White is the best color to add some brightness to your home, but for those who want some variety, most pastel shades and generally lighter colors will get the job done.

You might also consider repainting eaves or overhangs with light colors. You can also try different finishes like an eggshell or a high-gloss coat to reflect light more.

Trust the pros

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