Linear Staircases: Modern and Practical

In most homes in America, you’re likely to find an L- or U-shaped staircase. These designs are often used in the interest of saving space more than adding to the visual appeal of your home. In recent years, however, a growing movement of modernists has returned to a once-popular decorative option: the straight staircase.

Straight staircases in San Marcos, CA have enormous benefits to their homeowners in addition to looking great.

Quick installation time

As you might imagine, because their structure is relatively simple, installing a straight staircase is typically much easier than the alternatives. That translates to faster installation times and fewer on-the-job issues.

Easier to traverse

If you or someone in your family is suffering from limited mobility, a straight staircase with a sturdy railing can be much easier to get up and down. For example, when climbing the stairs becomes too difficult, a straight staircase can be easily modified to accommodate a lift chair.

Open your space

If you’re one of the many homeowners who wants to maximize their natural light, a straight staircase can be just the ticket. Thin steps and translucent materials can allow natural light to flow freely through your home in ways you never thought possible.

Types of straight staircases

There are several different types of straight stairs that a contractor can build for your home:

  • Slatted stairs: A staircase that uses stylish wood planks as individual stairs can add to any spare, modern look. Slatted stairs are also great at opening up a room because more light can shine through the excess space.
  • The glass staircase: If you want to add some real flair to modern straight staircases in San Marcos, CA, just add a glass railing. This touch of modernity can transform any space into a cutting-edge decor statement.
  • The central landing: If you have space, a straight staircase with a central landing can serve as an accent point for any room. You can add a potted plant for a splash of greenery. You can add a lamp or light fixture to brighten the space.

Those are just some suggestions. A contractor can mix and match those options or even help guide you in an entirely different direction.

Come to your remodel experts

At Bespoke Remodelling, designing and installing various types of stairs in San Marcos, CA is just one of the skills we’ve established over the last 20 years. Where other contractors focus on traditional, Bespoke Remodelling offers innovation at every turn.

Whatever you’re looking for, Bespoke Remodelling can create a custom solution that meets and exceeds your needs. Our commitment is to unparalleled craftsmanship on each and every job we perform. That’s why we have a long list of satisfied customers who are enthusiastic about our work, and why we’re accruing more with each passing day.

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