What Steps Should Be on Your Home Renovation Checklist?

The average home remodel takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete—just ask any homeowner who has signed on for a complex remodeling project. Once you factor in all the time needed to plan, prepare, research, start and finish, you’ll understand why top-shelf home renovations don’t happen overnight. The difficulty level of home renovation projects will vary, but no matter the size of your project, you must take the time to plan it out. It will require effort and patience on your part, and creativity and skill on the general contractor’s end.

Below is a breakdown of important steps and major elements to include on your San Marcos, CA home renovation checklist.


First, write down and sketch out your ideas. Think of this stage as a brainstorming session—the ideas you come up with won’t be set in stone, so don’t let yourself become overwhelmed at this point. Contractors know that minds change and will do their best to accommodate this throughout the process:

  • Create a wish list: Start by making a wish list. Separate your wants from your needs so you know what’s higher up on your list of priorities. This helps you move your thoughts around to ensure urgent matters happen right away, and less important ones can wait until later.
  • Set your budget: Before you meet with a contractor, determine your remodeling budget. With a number in mind, all parties involved will be able to talk honestly about your home project. The pros also recommend factoring at least 10 percent extra into your budget for unexpected project needs and unplanned changes.
  • Check your calendar: Once you know you want to move forward with a home remodeling project, the next step is to check your calendar. Even if you don’t have an exact timeline for the renovation, you probably have a general idea. For example, if you want your guest room remodeled in time to accommodate holiday visitors, don’t wait until fall to start planning.


Research includes coming up with ideas for your home renovation project, costs, materials and finding the right contractor for you:

  • Design your new room: Do a rough sketch on paper or the computer of what you want your new space to look like. This is great to have in hand when meeting with any contractors you might want to hire.
  • Choose a contractor: Make sure to interview more than one local contractor. Ask to see samples of their work, get references and get quotes—this is the time to ask all your burning questions.


Old materials—walls, beams, flooring, etc.—will need to be disposed of. Demolishing any part of a house calls for a large refuse container, which the contractor should be able to arrange. Renovating is messy, so you might want to make temporary living arrangements for your family during the project, if necessary.


Depending on your particular renovation, you may need to install new insulation, drywall, electrical wiring, ductwork, plumbing or support beams. Make sure only licensed professionals touch these.

The team at Bespoke Remodelling in San Marcos, CA hopes this home renovation checklist is helpful. Call us today for more information about how we can help with your remodel!

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